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Caritas Sierra Leone (CSL) was established by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Sierra Leone in 1975 and registered with the Government of Sierra Leone in 1980 with the mandate to serve as the relief and development agency of the Catholic Church in Sierra Leone. Caritas Sierra Leone operates nationwide through the four Diocesan Development Offices (Caritas Sierra Leone Freetown, Makeni, Bo and Kenema. The National Office is located in Freetown and serves as a coordinating office for Diocesan Caritas’ and is headed by the National Director of CSL. The structure of caritas Sierra Leone consists of the Bishops Conference which comprises of the Archbishop of Freetown and the Diocesan Bishops of Makeni, Bo and Kenema, a National Advisory Board, Management Team, and over 100 personnel nationwide. CSL is a member of Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of Catholic Relief, Development and Social Service organizations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Also, a member of Caritas Africa with 46 member organizations. The organization has developed its five-year strategic plan (2020-2024) that awaits approval by the Sierra Leone Bishops conference. The plan comprises 7 strategic pillars:

  • Strategic Pillar 1: Institutional capacity strengthening, sustainability and viability:
  • Strategic Pillar 2: Integral and human capital development
  • Strategic Pillar 3: Advocacy and influencing to support the work of CSL
  • Strategic Pillar 4: Climate resilience, emergency and humanitarian crisis response
  • Strategic Pillar 5: People driven governance, constitutionalism and rule of law
  • Strategic Pillar 6: “Ensure no one is left behind” Peace, justice and non-discrimination
  • Strategic Pillar 7: Migration flows and youth resilience

  • Our Mission

    CSL’s mission is to empower men, women and children to fight poverty, social injustice, through advocacy, social mobilization and through provision of services for long-term development for vulnerable communities based on the Catholic Social teachings.”

    Our vision

      “Inspired by the Gospel and the Catholic social teachings, Caritas Sierra Leone envisions a society where everyone exercise their fundamental human rights and live in dignity, free from poverty and social injustice irrespective of class status, gender or social orientation.”

    Core values

    • CSL is guided by the principles of Catholic social teaching, Caritas Confederacy Management Standards and by our vision and mission statements. Our core values are:


    • We understand our call to work with the poor, vulnerable, needy and marginalized as a constitutive element of the gospel and human participation in the common good.

    Gender Equality and Equity

    • We actively support women and men to have equal access to and control over productive resources and benefits as well as existing opportunities.


    • the Earth and all its resources are entrusted to all humankind. As true stewards of creation, Caritas members seek to act and to inspire others to act in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way, so that nature will be preserved for future generations;

    Mutual Trust and Honesty

    • We have undivided belief and trustfulness in the way we relate to one another in what we do and how we do them;


    • We are committed to prudent stewardship among ourselves, partners and clientele

    Respect for human dignity

    • We treat every human being with respect and compassion;
    • CSL work with the church realizing the principles of local autonomy and looking for effective means by using a united approach in the realization of our common goal.
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    Email: info@caritassierraleone.org

    Ph: +232 76 675 747

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