Rebecca Kargbo



Sheku Umaru Sesay

Volunteer- Admin/Finance

Early this year, I received a message from my brother Alusine Sonnie, Finance Officer of Caritas Freetown in relation to an advertisement for the position of Volunteer Program Assistant sent by Caritas Sierra Leone- National Office. I therefore tender my interest for the position, and the following week, I received a call from the Focal person of the PEOPLE Project that I’m shortlisted for an interview. On the 5th January 2020, I registered as the third person for the interview, out of the seven candidates that were shortlisted. I was also the third person to appear before the panelists who were, miss Patricia and Miss Eliza. On the 20th January 2020, I was called by the Focal Person in charge of the PEOPLE Project at Caritas Sierra Leone, National Office in response to the interview I went through, on that same Monday afternoon, we had a meeting with Bishop Henry Aruna, President of Caritas, and in that meeting all staffs were present and plenty issues were discussed ranging from report of operations, strategic plans, finance, current status with partners/donors and the way forward of the development of the organization. It is really a great experience since I started working at the  mostly with the finance and Admin personnel, she has given me wide knowledge on how CSL-NO do documentations with NASSIT, Guarantee Trust Bank Sl. Ltd; and other business ventures they work with. Most recently, I understood the recruitment process/procedures for volunteers, part and fulltime staffs and how their documentation are done, and also the chain/channel at which communications flow. My most exciting moment and experience gained, even though I have worked with Caritas for some time now before coming to the National Office was on the 29th January session we volunteer had with the National Director, Mr. William Dauda on briefing us about the organization, in that session I learnt about the organization starting with the history, mission, vision and scope of its existence and what is the role of the National Office.

It is really a great experience since I started volunteering at the National Office of Caritas Sierra Leone and hoping to learn more during my stay here.


Rebecca Kargbo

Volunteer- Program Assistant

At caritas national office, my experience as volunteer is quite different as it was. I have volunteer with different organisations over the past years since i graduated from college. With Caritas national in the first place I saw the advert on social media for volunteers for the position of program assistant and I applied, I was shortlisted among other 7 applicant, and called to an interview which I was successful. i went for orientation and I was trained on how I should carry out the Job under the supervision of  Mrs. Patricia Kafoe (Program Officer). I signed an agreement to volunteer for a specific period.

I have took part in the following programs since I join Caritas National Office as a volunteer

  • Volunteer Management Policy training
  • Sustainable Development Goal (S.D.G) agenda 2030 Launching
  • Capacity Self-Assessment Training
  • Development Volunteer Database
  • Caritas Public Education
  • Caritas Week Launching



Capacity Reassessment Training 1



Capacity Reassessment Training 2